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Navigating today's dynamic complex environment requires confidence, vision, and innovative strategies that drive impactful results. Rova Business School designs and delivers structured and customized executive programmes that respond to today's real world organizational challenges to meet the demand for extra-ordinary leaders and managers. We challenge our clients' assumptions, disrupt usual ways of operations and introduce innovative ways of thinking. Our course participants are prepared for the next level of their choice career and taught to maximize every opportunity for growth.…

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Core Competence

  • Design and support the implementation of health and social development programmes that translate strategies into productive outcomes.
  • Develop and deliver customised capacity skill training programs tailored to specific needs and expected outcomes for our clients.
  • Support the initiation and implementation of knowledge management initiatives to improve organisational performance and productivity.
  • Engage with the public sector via the PPP Business model to strengthen the health and social governance systems.…
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    ..For those seeking an experience in leadership and management that challenges, stimulates and inspires.


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